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Art and Craft are entirely human creations, they need human excellence, passion and love to be brought forth. Art and Craft vary in their quality and nature. The arts and crafts movement took shape in late 19th and early 20th century. The people who started this movement were William Morris and Edwin Lutyens. Some forms of Arts and Crafts were practiced since ancient days while some other are modern innovations.Industrial Revolution and the increasing productivity had decreased the quality of Arts and Crafts.

It had even disheartened the quality people in their respective fields but for past some decades the scenario of art and crafts has changed and the people have got rid of the obsession of machine-made products. Presently handicrafts are being adopted as the vocational media and it is also opted for the leisure pursuit.

If you love to make things, here we something packed with art and craft items. Try out hand  making cards, masks, toys, decorations, a musical instrument out of odds and ends, or make a periscope from household stuff. Choose from a wide variety of art and craft things.

Spoon Angel Craft

This is appropriate for ages 3+.  Though younger children can decorate the triangle.

Materials you will need for the spoon angel are

  • a plastic spoon
  • a triangle of construction paper about the same height as the spoon
  • some markers, glitter glue, sparkles or sequins (we used glitter glue)
  • some scraps of wool
  • a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 white paper
  • tape
  • glue
  • OPTIONAL:  small wiggly eyes

  • Cut a triangle out of the construction paper (older children can do this themselves.
  • Decorate the triangle however you wish (we used glitter glue, but you could use markers, bits of lace, sequins and/or sparkles.)
  • Tasha (age 6) and Kaitlyn (age 3) both enjoyed this part!
  • set aside your triangle to dry.
  • take a black marker and draw on a face.  Younger children will prefer to glue on wiggly eyes instead of drawing the face.
  • take 3 or 4 strands of wool (you can tie bows or braid the hair… you can make it long or short.  Let the kids decide on the hair style).
  • Put a knot in the top middle of the hair (so it’s all tied together) and glue the knot to the top of the spoon.
    • We just used ordinary children’s white glue to do this and it worked fine…
    • though I did have to beg my 3 year old not to play with it like a puppet until it dried!
  • Set the spoon aside (carefully) to dry.
  • Take the white sheet of paper and cut it in half so you have two 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 pieces of paper (the measurements don’t have to be exact.  Discard one of the pieces (or use it for your next angel)
  • Put the paper in front of you so the 8 1/2 inch side is facing you.
  • fan fold the 8 1/2 inch side.  To fan fold:
    • fold about 3/4 inch
    • flip paper over
    • fold about 3/4 inch
    • continue until it’s all folded like a fan.
  • Put a piece of tape around the center of the fan to make wings.
  • Tape the spoon to the back of the triangle paper.
  • Tape the fan wings to the back of the spoon.  Tasha trimmed her wings down a bit as she thought they were too big.  Kaitlyn left hers as they were.
  • Tape works better than glue (or at least it did for us)
  • Add a small piece of wool or ribbon (tape it onto the top) so you can hang her on your tree.  Or you can pin her to a bulletin board or glue her to the front of a homemade Christmas Card.

Fish CD Rom Craft


  • old CD (ask mom and dad first)
  • something to color with (for B&W version)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper
  • printer


  • Print out the template.
  • Color (B&W version).
  • Cut out the pieces.
  • Glue template pieces to the CD to form a fish (circle to cover the CD, tail on the back, fins on the top and bottom, eyes on the face and heart shaped mouth on front)
Rainbow Candle Craft 

This tp roll candle is nice and colourful and quite easy to make.  Make enough of them and you may even attract a Leprechaun or two!

Materials needed are a toilet paper tube, scissors, crayons, paper, a printer and glue.

  • Print out the template of choice.
  • Colour (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces.
  • Glue the rectangular piece onto the tp roll.
  • Glue the flame onto the top of the tp roll to make the candle.
  • Tape the candle to the circle (“doily”).
  • Glue on the pots of gold to decorate the candle or doily as desired.

Alternative Decorating Ideas:

  • Use sparkles, sparkle glue, or felt to decorate the “candle”.
  • Use water colour paints with the black and white printer template to get a rainbow effect.

This angel craft is a great change holder if you’re saving for a charity (it makes it that much more fun when an angel is guarding the gift).  You can also use it as a pencil holder… we’re making them as gifts this year.

The photo doesn’t do it justice!


  • empty frozen juice container
  • empty soup can (no sharp edges)
  • white paper
  • cotton balls or cotton stuffing
  • black marker or paint
  • hair-colored wool
  • scissors
  • glue
  • OPTIONAL:  gold ribbon or cord
  • OPTIONAL:  paper mache paste (1 part flour to 5 parts water… boil about 3 minutes and let cool)
    + strips of newspaper and white paper


  • EASY (Age 3+):  Glue a piece of white paper onto the can
  • HARDER (Age 6+):  To make this project more fun for older children, paper mache the can (cover with 2 layers newspaper + one layer white paper).
  • Let dry (takes about a day for the paper mache to dry)
  • Print the template for the wings (or cut your own out freehand)
  • Cut out the template pieces
  • Cover with glue and put on pieces of cotton (you could substitute white feathers if you preferred, but cottons usually more available).
  • You can glue the wings onto a piece of cardboard (old cereal boxes) before you cut them out to make them sturdier if you wish. (we didn’t do this)
  • Glue the wings onto the back of the can (don’t glue them too low… make sure the can can still stand up properly)
  • Take wool and wrap it around your hand or a 31/2 inch diskette loosely about 10 times (hand makes shorter hair than a diskette would)
  • Remove the bundle and tie it at the “top” with a piece of wool.
  • Snip the bottom ends so it’s long like hair and glue it at the side of the head.
  • Glue the hair to the side of the angel’s head.
  • Make another identical bundle and glue it to the other side.
  • Make a third bundle, this time wrapping about 20 times around 2 fingers instead of your whole hand.  Don’t tie or snip this bundle.  Fluff it out and glue it along the top of the can as bangs.
  • OPTIONAL:  Tie a piece of gold cord in a circle and glue it onto the hair (we added a piece of tape at the back for extra support.
  • OPTIONAL:  Tie a gold ribbon around the bottom in a bow
  • Using marker or paint, draw a face on the angel (we made closed eyes and an open mouth so she looked like she was singing, but you can do it any way you like)
  • Younger kids may prefer to glue on wiggly eyes (or make paper eyes with white paper and a marker), a pompom or sequin nose and a felt or paper mouth as they won’t be able to draw a face on very


In fact, card making is becoming more and more popular and it’s now a novelty to send handmade greeting cards.

Have you ever look at a handmade card and thought to yourself, “So beautiful! I wish I know how to make my own greeting cards.

Card making is easy. Many people are making cards on their own.

Taking up cardmaking as a hobby is not expensive since you should have most of the supplies for making all kind of greeting cards in your home. For a basic homemade card, all you need is paper, cutter, glue and some color pencils.

But though inexpensive, making your own greeting cards has many benefits.

Creating beautiful homemade cards is such a rewarding way of spending time with family and friends. The joy of gathering cardmaking ideas, paper, embellishments, and other card making supplies to make the cards and the joy that the handmade greeting cards give to the recipients are just feelings that cannot be purchased. Receiving a handmade greeting card is so special, isn’t it?


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