Nail painting


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Nobody wants boring nails. What better way to express your personality, than with a fun nail polish color? You can go for any effect you like with your nails, like classic red, happy yellow, or creative green or you can go by painting your nails black!You can even make your polish match your outfit! With all this excitement, it’s easy to skip over the fact that painting your nails yourself is sometimes quite difficult and time consuming. Read on……..


Ø  Choose a nail polish in the color of your choice. Bring it to your work area

Ø  Gather some cotton balls, nail polish remover, towel, newspaper, and clear nail polish. Paint your nails in a well-ventilated room. The fumes can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Ø  Roll the bottle between your hands to warm the nail polish for about 25-30 seconds. Open it, and scrape some of the excess nail polish off on the side of the bottle. Don’t shake it. Rolling the bottle keeps bubbles out of the polish and keep your nails smooth.

Ø  Apply one coat of clear nail polish (base polish works best!). Allow it to fully dry to the touch before proceeding. It’s okay if some of the color gets on your skin. Nobody will be able to tell since there’s no color!

Ø  Paint one stripe of color in the middle of your thumb or pinky nail. Then, paint a stripe on the left, continuing to the right. This subtly focuses the color in the middle of the nail. Remember to keep your hand steady. Don’t worry if it looks too thin — it’s supposed to. Re-dip your brush into the bottle before starting the nail so the color is evenly distributed throughout your nails. Let it dry completely before adding you last coat. You may have to wait 10-20 minutes, so grab a magazine or book to read while you wait.

Ø  Add another coat of color if desired, depending on the shade of color you want. Bear in mind that if you want a color very similar to the bottle you should paint two coats, but if you want a lighter shade then skip to the next step. Let this dry. Remember that the top coat is the one everyone will see, and the one that you’ll feel. Keep that coat smooth!

Ø  Paint a last coat of clear polish to keep the color lasting for at least one more week! This seals and protects the color

Ø  Wait for your nails to dry completely before doing anything else. You can read or watch TV while you wait. Try not to wave your arms or shake your wrists frantically in an attempt to dry your nails.

Ø  Then with the help of no. 0 or 1 brush apply any other colour of nail polish or just design anything on the nails.

Ø  Even you can put stickers on it.




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