Poetry on the Flower FORGET ME NOT


A time when everything on earth

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Appear to me like the celestial light

Almost like a dream

A dream of glory and life

A creation of different species

Created by the mother earth

The wise god scattered its seeds

from above the clouds

to the nature utmost mother universe

leading to the birth of life on earth

and among them all

A star has fallen from its blue tent

To the nature’s green bed

conceived in winters and spring gave it’s birth

that Bloomed in the azoras

Belonging to the boraginaceae family

A beautiful flower named “FORGET ME NOT”

The sky above with the silver lining clouds

The breeze blowing through the garden

Just touched the fragrance of the azoras

And gave me the calmness of its smell

Till birth being tenderly watched over

Nurtured beneath the arms of sunshine

It let its petals free

With the sweet fragrance spirit

Each petal is miracle of life

The hues of colour

It blooms as a tiny blue flower

Beautiful, delicate and sometimes

In pale misty blue and violet shades

It drifts over the garden in springs

Bringing true love throughout

And smiles in rows

Amidst the grassy lands

Walking through the streams by

Among the meadows ,within the brookside banks

It’s shy nature let the prying eyes to watch them

and cherish them in memories as they are”forget me nots”

The bees hum around them

making the others feel jealous of their presence

They toss with each other and swing to and fro

to make them feel the best in the garden

Even the words of William wordsworth

were expressed to be ever ending

for these beacon love “FORGET ME NOT”

By Meheli


About mehelic

I......I am someone forever and ending never
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