Vampires in India

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Some of these vampires are also Gods of the cultures religion

Baital/Baitala: A vampire from India is a half-man/half bat creature, which stands around 4ft tall.

Bhuta : A vampire from India normally created due to the violent death of an individual. The Bhuta are found in cemeteries or in dark desolate places, eating excrement or intestines.   An attack by one of these creatures usually resulted in severe sickness or death.

Brahmaparush : A vampire from India that enjoys consuming human beings. This creature would drink a victim’s blood through its skull, than eat the brain from the skull and finally proceed to wrap the victim’s intestines around its body and perform a ritual dance.

Chedipe: (literally means prostitute) A woman riding a tiger that seduced the household and sucked the male head of house blood through his big toe.

Chordewa: A witch found among the Oraons, (Bengal) capable of turning her soul into a form of vampire cat. It is said that if the cat licks person’s lips that they will die soon after.

Churel: A vengeful ghostlike vampire found in India, normally a woman that died while pregnant during the Dewali Festival. She is said to hate life with her greatest spite being kept for her relatives. The Churel is said to be vile in appearance, possessing pendant breasts, thick ugly lips, a black tongue and unkempt hair.

Gayal: A vampiric spirit from India. Usually created due to the death of a man who has no one to properly perform the burial rites at his funeral. When he returns the Gayal reeks his revenge upon the sons of others and upon his on relatives. The threat of a relative returning as a Gayal usually ensures that the proper funeral rites are performed.

Hahn Saburo: Living in forests of India these vampires will attempt to drive or lure travelers into the forest to attack them. They also have the ability to control dogs.

Jigarkhwar: A vampiric sorceress found in the Sind region of India. She feeds by extracting a person’s liver through a piercing stare and various incantations. The liver is then cooked on a fire and eaten, at which time the victim dies.

Kali/Kalika (Mad Mother) : Has fangs or sharp teeth and black skin.  She is seen as the dark goddess and is said to control the dark creatures.  It is said she got her vampirism after having to drink the blood of Raktaviya, the King of Demons, in order to defeat him.

Kephn: Found in the tribes of Burma.   It description is similar to the Penanggalan of Malaysia.   It peferred meal was human souls.  It is linked to a mortal suse of the the dark sorceries.

Masan: A vampire from India said to be usually the ghost of a child that delights in tormenting and killing children. The Masan is said to be able to curse a child that walks in its shadow. It will also follow a woman home should she allow her gown drag on the ground over his shadow.

Masani: A female vampire from India, she is said to be the spirit of burial grounds. She is black in appearance. Her hunts are conducted by night, starting as she emerges from a funeral pyre. Anyone passing the burial site will be attacked.

Pacu Pati: A powerful vampire from India. The creature is deemed lord of all beings of mischief. It is seem at night in cemeteries and places of execution.

Pisacha: A vampire from India, said to be a creature created by humanity’s vices. While it is in general an evil deity, its favorite past time being the consumption of fresh corpses, it can also cure diseases if enticed too.

Rakshasa: A vampire from India, whose name translates as “the injurer”. The female assumes the form of a beautiful woman, luring man to their death. In the newer legends the Rakhassa is said to live in trees and induces vomiting and indigestion in people who stray into its territory. A child will be transformed into such a creature if he can be induced to eat human brains.

Thaye/Tasei: From Burma, they are evil persons condemned to be disembodied spirits which can appear as tall dark people with huge ears, long tongues and tusklike teeth. They enter town at noon or by dark and usually cause minor illness.

Vetal/Vetala: From India, these vampires live in corpses, which they leave at night to go in search of prey. For as long as they are the habitat of a vampire, the corpse will remain incorruptible. The body does become monstrous looking and does not resemle the host after inhabitation.  They can be described as humanoid versions of the fruit bats that are native to the region.


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